Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation

Turks and Caicos Beach – My Personal Favorite Beach Destination

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Turks and Caicos Beach

My Personal Favorite Beach Destination

The first time I saw pictures of Turks and Caicos and its beaches, it was love at first sight – it immediately went on my list of dream destinations. Years went by, with my husband and I living in New York expecting our first baby, I decided it was time to look for babymoon destinations.

We usually plan a trip for February, and I was going to be a little over 30 weeks pregnant. So I wanted the ultimate beach vacation, with a short flight from NYC. Imagine my excitement when I realized that Turks and Caicos was only a three-hour flight. My dream was coming true!!

Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation

Planning and Preparation

My husband did not know there is such a thing as “babymoon.” Regardless, he always keeps track of travel deals, so when JetBlue was running a promotion on flights from NYC, he mentioned that one of the destinations was Turks and Caicos. When he told me that it was ~$150 for round trip tickets, I asked him when we are going so I could take days off.

I was so excited that I did not even remember to check with my OB if she was ok with me traveling there. Though that area was Zika affected, I did not believe there was a real threat to my baby. I had been to Cabo just couple months back and did not get any side effects.

I know some will question my judgment on this after reading this post. But in all honesty, I totally forgot about Zika when we were booking this trip. During our stay, I took precautions and used bug repellent. I did not get bitten by any mosquitos and Mathis was born big and healthy, so my theory was correct.

Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation

Blue Haven Marina and Resort

In Turks and Caicos, there are no chain hotels; this means you can’t use hotel reward points when booking your stay, which is how we often reserve ours. Given that, we decided to be frugal and book an upscale hotel but not in the main strip of Grace Bay but instead in the more secluded Blue Haven Marina. At the time of our booking, the Blue Haven Resort did not offer an all-inclusive package. However, since August 2017 you can book all-inclusive and children under 12 stay free. How awesome is that?!  

Even though we were not expecting much from the Blue Haven Resort, we were pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed our stay there. As one the newest resorts on the island, it had a great vibe with hammocks interspersed between beach loungers and quick access to all the water activities, paddle boarding, kayaking and private boat tours. 

The Blue Haven Resort is one of three sister properties on the island of Provo. The other two resorts are located at Grace Bay, Alexandra Resort and Beach House Turks and Caicos. Guests of Blue Haven Resort can take a complimentary shuttle to the sister resorts and enjoy their amenities (pool, beach chairs, etc.) as well as the dining options.

Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation

Sister Properties: The Beach House and Alexandra Resort

As you can already guess, we visited the other two sister properties during our stay. I thought the Beach House Resort looked charming and “New England-y” – as the smallest in the system, the resort had only 21 suites, three stories high, adults-only accommodations. Alexandra Resort is the biggest one; we enjoyed going there for dinner and watching the sunset from their restaurant Asu. If you are looking for resorts in Turks and Caicos, check these out.  They have a good combo of value and price; you will be impressed with their service and have a wonderful time.

Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation

A Private Getaway

I found Turks and Caicos to be a quieter island in comparison to other beach destinations we’ve visited, with fewer people and less crowding. We enjoyed taking a private boat to a secluded beach, where you can spend an entire day – THAT was the best beach day I’ve ever had.  We booked our getaway with the help of the hotel concierge – they suggested a company called Caicos Dream Tours. It’s one of the leading excursions companies on T&C, and their departure point was conveniently located right at the Blue Haven Marina. Knowing what we wanted, they recommended we take a private boat to Half Moon Bay Beach, a totally secluded island/beach that can only be reached by boat (or if you are ambitious, kayak or paddle board 😊). Once there, they set up umbrellas, blankets, chairs, and left us for a day with a cooler full of food and drinks.

It was truly amazing and with no people around, was an opportunity to tan and not have tan lines afterward, if you know what I mean.😊 On our way to the beach, we asked the boat captain if he knew the locations of sandbars in the middle of the ocean. I had seen pictures of that before and wanted to experience for myself. We got lucky and he found one where we were able to get out and take few pictures. I danced around with my baby belly on the small strip of sand with water all around. 

Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation

Grace Bay Beach

Did you know that Grace Bay beach was named the number one beach in the world in 2016, according to TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice awards? It’s no wonder why - the white, powdery sand and crystal-clear water in magnificent shades of turquoise contribute to that. About a mile from the shoreline is the world’s largest coral reef, which makes for a spectacular sight and provides calm, warm waters for which Grace Bay Beach is well known.  

Though many of Providenciales’ top resorts are situated on Grace Bay Beach and this popular vacation destination attracts over a million tourists each year, it still felt uncrowded and pristine. I am dreaming of going there again, now with Mathis - I know he will enjoy warm Caribbean waters.

Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation

Restaurant Recommendations

Since it was our babymoon, I didn’t want to do much besides relaxing and eating. T&C had tons of fantastic food places to choose from – one of our favorites was the coconut shrimp and rum-soaked coconut cake. For the rest of my pregnancy, that cake was my weekly if not daily craving - luckily for us in New York, you can find anything you imagine. No wonder Mathis was born 10lb 😊. For dinner, most places get booked up quick, so I would recommend making a reservation. Prices are similar to US prices at most of the restaurants, so don’t hope to save money on food.

Coco Bistro - This is a very popular restaurant on the island that accepts reservations; this is one of those places you want to try everything on the menu. Dishes to try: spicy lobsters, soft tacos, grilled lobster (I am a huge fan of seafood).

Caicos Café - Dishes to try: grilled calamari skewer, gnocchi, lobster salad, pumpkin ravioli, seafood casserole, octopus. There is also a Caicos Bakery, for morning coffee and some baked goods.

Le Bouchon -  French-inspired dishes; Dishes to try: Steak Au Poivre.

Sweet T’s - Fried chicken if you are hungry on the way to or from the airport.

Flamingo’s - An island classic.

Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments what’s your dream beach destination you have been to or want to go. As always thank you for having your cup of tea with me. I am finishing mine now and looking forward to hearing from you.

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