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Dressing A Baby Boy

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Dressing A Baby Boy

My Experience with Fashion for Mathis

When we found out we were having a baby boy; I started to look for places to shop for boys and began gathering ideas from mommies who had boys as well.

To be honest, I didn’t know many shops that carried kid’s clothes. What I saw for boys at the typical Carter’s or Children’s Place was not impressive - all those “handsome like daddy,” or “I love mommy” shirts and onesies were not how I wanted to dress Mathis. 😊

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Finding Fashion

Each year, we travel somewhere for our wedding anniversary.  I  usually don’t shop on vacation, but while we were visiting France for our 3rd anniversary (when I was ten weeks pregnant), I made an exception. The kid’s clothing stores in Paris were so cute and different from the stores back home.

Because of this, I could not stay away and did some window shopping - to get inspiration and ideas on how I want to dress my soon-to-come boy. I discovered unique brands like Bonpoint, Leo, Camilla and many others. But I quickly realized that there is no way I can afford shopping there. I fell in love with the European style of clothes, but I knew I would need to shop around to find brands that would fit my budget.

While I enjoyed the whole experience of shopping and dressing up a boy was certainly fun; I also kept in mind that I needed practical, comfortable and quality clothes that would stand up to lots of washes. Also, I wanted to find clothes I could potentially keep for future kids.

To my surprise, I discovered that Instagram helped answer the question I had been asking - where in the world do I shop for a boy?! Since I am not a huge fan of shopping in physical stores and do most of my shopping online, Instagram became my go-to for discovering little shops/brands and getting inspiration from other moms.

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Shopping Suggestions

First, a place I often shop with, childrensalon.com.

They carry a lot of unique brands, starting from high-end designer stuff to more affordable ones – most importantly though, they have lots of options of Spanish-style clothes that I like for boys.

Because we travel often, I always need vacation clothes for Mathis since he grows so quickly. So, I like that Children Salon has fast shipping, this makes it a great option for shopping for last minute trips.   I always check the sale section first. Then I check two other brands that are affordable and my go-to for his everyday outfits – Babidu and Mayoral.

Their customer service is also exceptional; can I ask for more!? Well, maybe… would be nice if they would take on Mathis as their model so we could get free outfits for him. 😉

Another shop I recently came across is a bit newer, totaporter.com.

They carry unique, luxury, hand-made pieces, produced in Spain. I think of this site as a destination for a special outfit – meant to be timeless and become a family’s heirloom.

I love this brand’s story and values – their goal is to empower local Spanish women and their small artisan shops. Doing this allows them to make an honest livelihood while passing down their heritage and traditions of baby knitting. I can’t wait for them to start carrying bigger sizes, so I could get some new outfits for Mathis since right now they carry only clothes up to 15 months.

A site I also enjoy following and shopping at is voilabebeshop.com.

They recently had an annual sample sale that I went to (btw, this is a nice benefit of living in NYC – a lot of brands have random sample sales) and got to meet owner Ana Marie. Imagine my surprise when I realized that we live in the same building, just a few floors apart! I like the brands she carries and periodically check the sale section for new outfits for Mathis. She is the mom of 2 kiddos and is expecting her 3rd any time now.

When you know the people behind a specific shop or store, shopping is so much more personal; I enjoy supporting a fellow mom and a friend, who makes shopping for Mathis easier for me, since she finds the brands I already like and personally drops it off the same day.

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Sites for Shoes

Now, let’s talk shoes. If you have followed me for a while on IG, you might remember the collection of shoes I had for Mathis since before he was born - and I still like shopping for shoes for him. And since we signed him up with a modeling agency recently, I realized I needed to have classic shoes for him when we go on castings and photo shoots.

Again, the European brands have the cutest classic shoes for kids. I love the Spanish brand website eli1957.com.

They have gifted Mathis a couple of pairs, and every time he wears any of their shoes, we always get compliments and questions about where he gets them. Their quality, styles, and customer service is all top notch, with fast shipping. I have even wished that some of their shoes came in my size, I would be matching with Mathis.

Another shoe shop I love is babyshoes.co.uk.

Their quality is as good as Eli’s above, but the price is about half of that – making this my go-to when he grows out of his current shoes. This site is also where I buy Mathis’ knee-high socks, for those of you that have asked 😊. They often have sales going on, so this shop offers excellent value for what you’re spending.

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Bargain Hunting

You might have noticed that Mathis has some designer clothes. The secret is I have never paid retail price for Gucci or Burberry. I don’t think it’s very wise to spend that kind of money; I would never pay full price for a Burberry coat that would last him only one season.

Here in New York, there are many different mom groups on Facebook that sell “pre-loved” clothes – this is where I have found and bought new items with tags or like new, including cashmere or designer pieces. These piece of clothing usually retail over $100-$200, and I paid $10-$20 for them.

I enjoy finding things for Mathis and am always on the lookout for good deals, but it does take time. With some patience and new inspiration, you can be unique and dress your kiddo in a way that expresses your sense of style while staying within a reasonable budget.

Hope you enjoyed your cup of tea with me!

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