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New Beginnings

My name is Lidiya.

I was born and raised in a small village in Ukraine, where life was never dull with seven other siblings. When I was a teenager, my parents moved to the beautiful state of Washington, where I lived for ten years and eventually met my husband.

Lidiya - Next Cup of Tea Blog

After our wedding, my husband Vitaliy and I decided to move to the city of our dreams: New York.

Fast forward three more years and now we are a family of 3; our son Mathis is almost one year old. He is the center of our family and brings us so much happiness.

Vitaliy and Lidiya in New York - Next Cup of Tea Blog Marchenko Family in New York - Next Cup of Tea Blog


Our family loves adventure and exploring – living in New York City gives us many opportunities to do so.

We enjoy traveling, food, photography and most of all we love LIFE because Jesus is in the center of it. For me to live is to travel; having traveled a few times to Europe, my husband and I have made some great memories while visiting France, Greece, Italy, Spain, and other countries.

Most recently with Mathis’ arrival and living in the busy city, we have been leaning more towards relaxing, beach kind of vacations. After our last trip to Aruba and seeing how much Mathis enjoys being in the sun and water, I started wishing that our future dream home will be near a beach.

Lidiya with husband in Paris - Next Cup of Tea Blog

I always find it hard to answer simple questions like, “What’s your hobby?

It used to be reading, but the last full book I read was during our babymoon in Turks and Caicos! 

I enjoy taking photos of Mathis, but I suppose that’s not a hobby - every mother loves taking photos of her children.

I like writing, but it’s often random thoughts or ideas that come to me – and I get a million of those. So, I think it’s safe to say I’m looking for my next hobby.

Marchenko Family time at home - Next Cup of Tea Blog


Becoming a full-time mom as of December 2017, I am finally pursuing my dream and a long-thought decision to create a space where I can share more than the average attention span of an Instagram ‘flipper’.

I am SO excited for the Next Cup of Tea blog, where I am hoping to connect with you and be an inspirational resource on a million topics:

  • Traveling with an infant and staying sane.
  • Finding a ‘Caribbean’ beach of the coast of southern France.
  • A village girl calling NYC home.
  • Flying first class and staying in luxury hotels for free.
  • Shopping for a baby and not going broke.
  • The joys and challenges of living in 1,000 sq ft apartment, and many more! 
Baby Mathis with parents - Next Cup of Tea Blog


You will find that Next Cup of Tea blog is my creative outlet where I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences – we tend to do a lot of in-depth research on everything from visiting new continents to the best umbrella, to planning a ‘simple’ date night.

Since I frequently get asked for recommendations on itineraries/activities/restaurants, I hope that Next Cup of Tea would be a place for you to get inspired with not just useful facts but also our experiences and incidents.

Happy Marchenko Family on city street - Next Cup of Tea Blog

My plan is to have a couple of posts each month, and I am hoping that my blog will be a place where you can sit back and enjoy your next cup of tea/coffee/whatever your choice of beverage.

You will find reading my posts is a lot like listening to me talk – fast-paced and random haha. When we were dating, my husband used to get so confused but since he’s a quick study, he’s now able to keep up (most of the time).

But what’s life without a little challenge and adventure!?

Join me on this ride and I promise to keep you on your toes as you enjoy your next cup of tea with me.

- Lidiya

Lidiya portrait - Next Cup of Tea Blog

PS - I love people, and I get excited about every opportunity to meet a beautiful soul.

If you’re in the city, feel free to reach out, I’d love to have a cup of tea or coffee together, especially since I am addicted to them.

I am a straightforward person, and I truly mean it when I say I love people - I love staying connected and learn new things, as I believe we should never stop learning.

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